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Stonehouse Antiques Layaway Policy

Stonehouse Antiques agrees to layaway merchandise at “no additional charge” to the purchaser. Merchandise will be stored in a dry, secure location for the duration of the layaway term. In return, the purchaser agrees to pay a deposit on the item/s, to be determined at time of purchase, and agrees to make regular monthly payments until such time that the item/s are paid in full. Purchaser will provide Stonehouse Antiques a valid credit card, (V,MC, DIS), for monthly payments. Payments will be taken on a specific date each month as agreed and applied against the outstanding balance. Once fully paid, the purchaser may take possession of the item/s. Stonehouse Antiques will send out statements on a timely basis showing payments and remaining balance. Purchaser will also, at time of purchase, provide a “good faith estimate” as to the duration of time that the item/s will be stored. Purchaser will provide name/s, mailing address, phone #’s, and current email. Purchaser agrees to maintain contact with Stonehouse Antiques throughout the layaway period.

Payment Options

Stonehouse Antiques accepts cash, checks, money orders, Visa,Master Card and Discovery, with proper ID.  We do not accept American Express.  We also accept Paypal.

Stonehouse Antiques Delivery Policy

Stonehouse Antiques agrees to deliver merchandise to purchaser if and when necessary. Delivery charges, if any, will be quoted and agreed to prior to delivery. Charges are accessed according to delivery address, delivery conditions, help needed, scheduling, etc. Purchaser will notify Stonehouse Antiques of the delivery conditions, ie stairs, narrow doorways, upper or lower floor, specific delivery schedules, etc., and will provide contact phone #’s and email for our use. An estimate as to the date and time of delivery will be provided to purchaser at time of purchase.
Nationwide Shipping

Stonehouse Antiques offers an affordable nationwide shipping service for their entire catalog, either through FED-EX GROUND  (for smaller items, up to 70 lbs) or U-SHIP (for larger, heavier pieces). Here’s how it works:

Click on the appropriate link and follow instructions located there for shipping estimate. Add that to the item cost and you have a delivered price to your door. Packaging costs are included in the shipping estimate and item cost. 

To purchase and ship items, contact Stonehouse Antiques either via phone 908-455-2819 or email and we will prepare the items for shipment. Once the item(s) have been prepared for shipment, they’re picked up at our designated shipper warehouse and shipped. When the item(s) arrive at the local terminal, usually in a few days, you’re contacted by the carrier for a delivery appointment. Items are tailgate delivered to your address, prepaid. You only need receive them! It’s as easy as that!

FED-EX GROUND (for items under 70 pounds)
Shipping estimates are available by entering the required information as follows:

GO TO: ”FED-EX GROUND” (Package Tab) and enter the following information:


        Country/Location:  Select United States     
        Zip Code: Enter 07936

        Country/Location:  Select United States        
        Zip CodeEnter your zip code (check if residential address)


        Pricing Option:  Select FedEx Standard rate
        Number of Packages:  Enter quantity
        Weight:  Get this info from Item Description (Add 5 lbs. to package weight)
                       (should not exceed 70 lbs. total) (Do not check the box for "Ship
                        using a Fedex Account Number)
        Pickup/Dropoff:  Select “Drop-off at FedEx Location”
        Ship Date: Leave at default date
        Click “GET DETAILED QUOTE” 

2. PACKAGE & SHIPMENT DETAILS (enter individual package details):

        Quantity & Weight will already be filled in from previous section
        Package Type:  Select “YOUR PACKAGING”
        Dimensions: From Item Description (add 2” to each dimension for packaging)
        Declared Value: Enter Item Cost
        Click “CONTINUE”


Will show your estimated shipping cost.  Shipping estimates are noted 
by mode of transport.  Ground shipping is at the bottom row (cheapest).

Shipping estimates are available below and can be calculated simply 
by entering the weight and destination zip code below:
(Deduct 20% from the shipping estimate
 and add $3.75 per $100 for insurance)​

Welcome to Stonehouse Antiques ! 
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